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hello all on this new Earth!


Thank you for your visit to my site.

I’m a healer(wide range of body work healing professional), a designer( organic-based garden design, crystal jewelry design,& handmade based graphic design) , and also a herbalist(natural healing therapist) in Japan. I’m intuitive and spiritual in born, and have dedicated with soul mission in my life. At this site I am now writing about how we live in the “New Earth”. Now  we are entering into “Aquarius age”, the new world, and new earth with high frequency and divine energies, which need us more changeable, transformative, and spiritual. We are now stepping into the spiritual-based, soul-based higher dimentional world.  So we have to take many personal and global changes and transformation before alighnment with new vibrational world. As a healer, I will try to give off my ideas and inspirations about new ways of living in this Aquarius through this site.
As a professional,  I’m offering the wide range of energy works, includes original Angel energy healing. Besides I’m serving the design and maintenance works of  organic&spiritual garden , as well as natural healing like flower essences consulting and herbal healing session as a EARTH-GROUNDED gardener and herbalist.
I am a founder of angelic love and light sessions and do healing works in Japan and to all over the world.

I will do many kinds of mini-workshop about angels, energy works and also organic gardening and herbal healing.Now I’m making a new herbal healing garden in Japan and when it started to open to the public, I will do many natural-based healing session and workshop in my garden, as well as Earth-friendly gardening club. If you want to join these activities, please contact me even if you don’t speak Japanese well now. I am offering any activities to foreigners in Japan. Also I am very welcome to all people from the world, so if you travel Japan, or if you live in near Japan like Korea or Taiwan,please tell and ask me all sessions workshop, and club activities.
I will give off my announcement about my activities here:
workshop related with spiritual energy works
workshop related with organic gardening and natural healing
chat cafe, talking circle, share-house meeting and reading club

 I am a member of IHHA(International natural healers association)&
AHHA(American holistic health association)

my interests:chinese martial arts, art&design,street dance,street culture,hiphop,jazz,music, spending at cafes,nature,anything beautiful,international friendship,language studies(especially KoreanHangul,Chinese,French,English and also Japanese!),poems,
tea ceremony
love and blessings,


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